Seattle, WA bar hopping

The Forge Lounge

65 Marion St, Seattle, WA

The Forge Bar is a perfect spot to spend a few hours relaxing with a few drinks. They've got a good selection of local craft beers, a good stock of liquor to make the perfect cocktail, and friendly bartenders! They have great prices with even better Happy Hour specials daily from 3PM - 7PM, bingo on Thursdays, and you can always catch the games on Sundays! The Forge is right near the ferry terminal, so if you're waiting to catch the ferry, kill some time over at Forge Lounge!

Knee High Stocking Co.

1356 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA

Knee High Stocking Co. is an intimate, dark, speakeasy style bar in Seattle that's perfect for date night or birthday drinks! Amazing cocktails, delicious food, and friendly service make Knee High great and you'll love the drinking experience here. Seriously, the cocktails are top notch, and spicy Knee High Tots really hit the spot after a few drinks and the bread pudding is a perfect treat! For cocktails, we recommend enjoying some of the seasonal drinks, like the Stockings Down, Razzmajazz, and Southern Star!

Some Random Bar

2604 1st Ave, Seattle, WA

Spend your night out in Seattle at Some Random Bar! Though the name may imply otherwise, this isn't just your average bar. Some Random Bar is a casual Seattle watering hole, with delicious food and even better drinks. This is a great late night spot to enjoy a cold beer or a cocktail. The brick walls and mason jar lighting create a comfortable ambiance and the welcoming service only adds to the experience.

Plum Bistro

1429 12th Ave E, Ste B, Seattle, WA

Whether you're a vegan or vegetarian or not, the food at Plum Vegan Bistro will blow you away. Fresh, flavorful, and filling, the food here is top notch and perfect for lunch and dinner (or brunch!) We highly recommend their Veggie Monster Pizza or Spicy Cajun Man 'n Yease! Both are delicious, and we have to say, their cocktails are amazing as well! They have a full bar so you'll want for nothing at Plum Bistro. It's one of the best in the area, so check them out!

Sun Liquor

2604 1st Ave, Seattle, WA

Sun Liquor is a great little cocktail lounge with an intimate vibe. The cocktails here are superb, hand crafted with fresh ingredients and even house-made syrups. Yes, house-made! So you know you're getting the freshest and highest quality cocktail at Sun Liquor. The intimate vibe is great for a date night, but it's also casual enough that it's great for hanging with friends. This is the perfect night out destination in Seattle!